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We believe knowledge shouldn't cost much. That too when there are people around you ready to exchange books and make the use of it, then why should we waste money and time? Go on and grab yours now before someone else does!


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Swap books within your range

Check out for your favourite books around your location and swap them easily.

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Swap the books anytime you and the exchanger are comfortable with.

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Directly meet the person within 30 kms from your location and swap the books.

Grab e-books online

Avail tons of e-books and audio books in several languages and genres for free.

Share your unused e-books

You never know how much your unused e-book in your drive will matter to someone. Drop it here, and let others benefit from it.

Free of cost

knowledge shouldn't be charged. Share, swap, read, repeat.

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With hundreds of people around you ready to exchange books and knowledge for free, why are you thinking of spending money on brand new books which you won't even touch after reading it once?


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